I've always worked in management one day I decided that management wasn't working for me anymore,  so I got a job working for the Government in Procurement along my journey suffered bumps and bruises and rolled with the punches losing family members left and right I've never grieved the lost,

 I believe that it's taken its toll on me silently in many ways. so I've reached out for counseling to many therapists,  they all told me that I was fine deep down inside I knew that I wasn't fine, because I found myself pushing people away and found myself being a loner.  

I decided to go back to school to become a counselor,  and one of the administrators recommended Life Coaching I never heard of life Coaching so I decided to give it try,  through my Life Coaching training I was able to relate,  enhance myself,  realize that becoming a loner was the growth I also discovered that Life Coaching was always a part of my life people have always fed into me, filling me with encouragement, wisdom, and knowledge.

I grew up on great shoulders and now Life Coaching is a part of my life.